Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Scary Talent Show

*** We've had some great entries so far! Since I've been staying away from the computer (other than writing and checking my email) for the past week, I've decided to extend the deadline for The Scary Talent Show until October 15th. You can enter a short story (up to 3k), a piece of art, a video of you singing or dancing, a poem. Whatever. Entertain. Make us feel something. I'll post them all and voting can take place from Oct. 16th-Oct. 30th. The three winners will be announced on Halloween!

First place: A one-year subscription to Dark Discoveries, Second place: A kickin' tee from The Bag and The Crow, Third place: A fantastic novella from that hot company Tasmaniac Publications. Great stuff. :D

One entry per person. Send your entries here: scarysadstories (at)

Good luck!

P.s.--To those who have already entered, great work!


  1. Oh, good. I lost yesterday and am finding that today is what used to be tomorrow. I so completely missed the original deadline.

  2. Yay! Extensions! And great, Laurie! I hope you can send something in! Good luck, lady!

  3. Laurie, got your entry! It's beautiful!

  4. New to this, how do I vote? And can I vote on my own or would that be so very wrong?

  5. Morticia. You can't vote on your own, sorry. And to vote, just leave a comment in that post. You can even tell the contestant why, which is cool for everyone. :) Good luck!