Friday, October 15, 2010

Entry: The Tell Tale Shoe by Tanya Daene

The Tell Tale Shoe

By: Tanya Daene

A shoe is just a simple thing,

A piece of clothing, it's true

But, when that something has a sole,

It can be awfully bad for you.

With it's tongue a wagging,

and its eyelets agog,

Pray it's on your side

and will outrun the dog

It surrounds you like a well placed skin

they feel fulfilled from deep within

you must appease the shoe horn gods

for lacing-up knot is a mortal sin

Walking a mile in another ones shoes

only brings on pain

for no one knows how one sizes up

and can only be in vain

Along this path so darkly lit

I walk with my two allies

their ties to me are strong and true

with gently cushioned insides.

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  1. My vote lands here because poetry is such fun. ;)